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Working in an environment of hostility can have a detrimental effect on your work performance, paychecks, and mental well-being. After putting years of hard work into building up your career, harassment can make it incredibly difficult for you to enjoy the fruits of that labor. You may find yourself dreading going to the office when before it was something that brought joy. Don’t let anyone ruin what you worked so hard for; take action against workplace harassment today!

It is your right to reside in a workplace free from any form of harassment or prejudice. If the company neglects to act on your grievances and halt the harasser’s abuse, it is essential that you take matters into your own hands for protection.

If it feels like an intimidating prospect to challenge your employer, know that the legal experts at Stebbins Mulloy Law Firm will fight fiercely on your behalf. We’ve successfully assisted many individuals in protecting their careers and recovering losses endured due to workplace injustice. Our passionate attorneys are dedicated to defending those who need someone standing up for them – let us take this burden off of you! Get a free assessment today by calling (888) 306-4555 or connect with us online now.

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At Stebbins Mulloy Law Firm, we view our clients as family. Our attorneys are totally committed to helping you heal and get the recompense that you deserve for whatever harassment or mistreatment that you have been subjected to. We will fight fiercely so that your losses are fully recouped and justice is served.

Call the offices of Stebbins Mulloy Law Firm today at (888) 306-4555 to arrange your free consultation with a qualified workplace harassment lawyer. Our firm is specialized in handling all types of employment law cases for employees who are victims of discrimination and other employer violations. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about any financial risks as we take on cases under our contingency fee structure.

If You Are Facing Workplace Harassment, Here's What To Do

Workplace harassment is illegal, and should not be tolerated. If you or someone around you experiences this type of mistreatment, tell them to stop immediately. It could simply be that the person does not realize what they are doing is inappropriate. However, if the situation continues, it’s important to contact your Human Resources department as soon as possible in order to file a complaint about the incident(s).

If you have informed your human resources department of the harassment but it has not been addressed, then it is time to take action. To protect yourself and ensure justice is served, find an attorney who will fight for your rights. At Stebbins Mulloy Law Firm, our workplace harassment lawyers are committed to delivering exceptional legal representation with a dedication to obtaining justice on behalf of our clients. We pride ourselves in offering unparalleled service and results that truly make a difference in people’s lives.

Reporting workplace harassment is essential for maintaining a safe and healthy environment; it’s not only your right, but also your responsibility to ensure that everyone feels respected in the office.

It is important to note that workplace harassment encompasses a broad range of transgressions beyond simply sexual misconduct against either gender; indeed, federal laws render it all-encompassing. Bullying, intimidation, put downs, harassment, coercion and shame are among the emotional and verbal abuse tactics used to exert power over employees. It also includes lying about events or circumstances; creating an atmosphere of powerlessness in which employees feel insignificant or inferior; setting up conditions for failure with excessive demands of perfection that cannot be met; not providing adequate information to complete tasks adequately; belittling someone’s rights and benefits due them through condescension and talking down to another person. Unsuitable nonverbal behaviors such as glaring can create a hostile environment no one should have to endure.

Every person has the right to feel safe and respected in their workplace. Therefore, it is pivotal to take action and report any form of harassment you may experience at your job. According to the law, no employer can make decisions about a job based on color, race, religion, origin or sex; nor genetic information and/or marital & parental status should be taken into account during recruitment processes. So do not remain silent if you face this situation – compliance with reporting harassment is essential for protecting your rights as an employee!

Women are often the victims of sexual harassment at work, but they hesitate to report it due to fear that their supervisors may retaliate. The federal laws on this issue make it very clear: any instance of sexual harassment must be reported promptly along with relevant evidence. Violators can expect serious consequences depending on the severity of their behavior; employers and employees alike will face penalties for these actions.

As a worker, the law can be an invaluable asset if your rights have been infringed upon. However, to attain success in these matters requires tenacity and skill – precisely what Stebbins Mulloy Law Firm’s employees’ rights lawyers possess. Without assistance from a professionally qualified attorney with extensive education and experience, you may forgo the opportunity to receive compensation for being subjected to workplace discrimination.

If you believe your workplace has discriminated against you, schedule a free consultation with our employment law firm! We can examine the worth of your case and decide if taking legal action is needed. Discrimination claims can be intricate. Fortunately, our discrimination lawyers will always strive to defend your rights in court. Set up an appointment now and get that peace of mind you need!

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